Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London Riots 2011

The normal protests against the merciless killing of an African 29 year old boy Mark by the London police unbelievably turned into the violence and looting on the streets of London which rise up to their highest all across the United Kingdom in the period of just four nights.
This is for the first time in the decades of the London history that such looting and violence is seen by the youth of England on the streets of London. The uncontrollable riots started in the Nottingham then later on the same night spread to the south part of the London city and then to the eastern and the northern parts of the London. The most affected cities from this looting and violence are noticeably Birmingham, Peckham, Ealing, Manchester, Liverpool, Clapham and many other smaller areas in the Central London like Piccadilly Gardens and the popular Asian people’s place, the green street.
When the riots broke out, the British Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron and the London Mayor Mr. Boris Johnson was on the holidays, both the personalities were called back to London as soon as possible and understanding their duties towards their country they returned to London the very same night.
In the morning of the next day i.e. Tuesday, the 9th of August 2011, the British prime minister called an emergency meeting of the COBR - A (Cabinet Office Briefing Room A) and it was decided in the meeting to appoint 10,000 more policemen on the streets of London which were 6,000 the last night i.e. the Monday night, which helped in the arresting of more than 1,000 of the rioters from all over the London.
So in the result of putting a very large number of the policemen on the streets of London that night, the night went very calm as compared to the night before in which the major shops were looted, cars and houses were set on fire and there were clouds of smoke everywhere.
Now today, the policemen have given the charge to do whatever needed to put the law and order back in to the streets of London and they will be using water cannons too (if needed). As many of the Londoners have lost their houses, their businesses which they were running for decades in the calm, organized and beautiful city of London, the prime minister specially visited the affected areas to show condolences with the people in fear of losing their properties and families.
It is said that great things happen when people join together is so true in this case as the violence was started from the social networking websites which resulted in the ban on the blackberry messaging services across the London. In contrast to this, today, the social networking websites helped people to get together and come out to the streets of the London for the cleanup mission which was started by none other than the British prime minister himself.
These riots in London, after 4 days, are still the head news in most parts of the world because of the London’s peaceful and “freedom of everything” image over the world.

We hope that there will be peace again.

Long Live London.

Further: You can have a glimpse on the riots in London on this link:

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