Friday, June 11, 2010

Anthropomorphize Food

tomato ketchup is being supplied to tomato.

strawberry had a bullet.

rocking orange while listening to music on ipod.

omg apple had a tooth pick in eye.

died orange as some one is eating it from top.

apple is not liking to be eaten hat's why making face.

amazing water melon art of making face.

one suspicious orange and two frightened oranges.

Black and white confusion

white lines down and up vertical.

what's the problem with the two circles.

very disturbing swirl lines.

black dots or white dots don't know.

black and white straight lines or bent.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Colorful Mixed things

three cats keeping an eye on a single squirrel.

they are following each other in the grass on the floor.

mouth of a horse or just a hill beside water.

how many legs this elephant has ?

horses or just snow covered mountain.

duck or a jumping rabbit white colored part.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Black and white fun

word liar or some thing else.

lovely escape of the escape key from the key board.

grill covered with snow or some thing else.

black and white funny wedding cake with bride and groom.

black and white fun in the class room.

Almost dead trees

amazing design of-a face made by tree.

almost dead tree in desert but still growing green.

almost dead tree and tree house on it.

almost dead roots of a very strong trunk in africa.

Frightened Food

Pepsi defeated by the coca cola gang.

one dead bread and one being murdered.

mourn of marshmallows on the death of one of them.

massacre of marshmallows and their call for help.

coca cola defeated by the Pepsi gang.

Perfect Combinations

perfect white bride with red roses and pond with lilies.

perfect white bride with orange roses bouquet.

perfect white bride with a perfect white wedding dress and bouquet.

perfect red roses in hands of white beautiful wedding dress.

Beauty of Dubai

wonderful eagle with sheikh of dubai.

windy and calm desert and sheikh of dubai.

beauty in the deserts of dubai.

beautiful lonely camel in the deserts of dubai.

beautiful lady seeing with her beautiful eyes.

beautiful eyes of the beautiful dubai.

beautiful eagle of dubai.

beautiful camel and the rider in front of tall buildings in dubai.

awesome view of camels in the desert.

a beautiful lady in naqaab and abaya.