Wednesday, August 10, 2011

London city riots 2011 as seen in pictures …

as the 16,000 policemen were put on the streets of London.

a van after being the toy for rioters in the London City.

it is said that the parent less children in United Kingdom are now becoming outrageous over time and they have a very very violent behavior towards things.

London on fire in the silent, dark and fearful nights with lots of smoke clouds.

popular and beautiful buses of London specially called double deckers.

shops and buildings set on fire in Tottenham.

the beautiful view of the Trafalgar Square pre riots.

the CCTV images of the violence and the failure of the London metropolitan police (London Met) against the rioters.

the London Trafalgar Square, post riot.

We hope that there will be peace again.

Long Live London.

Further: Read the full story of the riots in London on this link:

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